Lactational Amenorrhea

What is it?

  • Continuous breastfeeding for up to 6 months - feeding the baby at least every 4 hours during the day, and at least every 6 hours at night without using any expressed milk or formula milk.

How does it work?

  • While you are breastfeeding continuously, your body doesn't make the hormone needed to release eggs.

What’s great about it?

  • Very effective - less than 1 out of 100 women will get pregnant each year.
  • Safe, simple, free and convenient.

What’s not so great about it?

  • You need to have a baby!
  • No protection against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) – condoms advised.
  • Some women find it difficult to only feed their baby breast milk.
  • Only works for about 6 months. 

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