Natural Family Planning

What is it?

  • A method where a woman monitors her body’s natural fertility indicators (signs) during her monthly cycle. These show when you can have sex without risking pregnancy (non-fertile time) and when you should avoid sex (fertile time).

How does it work?

  • By monitoring your body temperature, vaginal discharge and the length of yoour cycle you can tell when you are fertile and when you are not.

What’s great about it?

  • If used correctly is 99% effective - one woman in 100 using this method will get pregnant in a year. It is often not used correctly which results in more women falling pregnant.
  • Involves no hormones so no side effects and periods are not affected.
  • Gives a woman a greater awareness of her body.
  • Can also be used to plan a pregnancy.

What's not so great about it?

  • It’s not as effective in real life as other methods but it’s better than using nothing.
  • Need to avoid sex (or use a condom) at fertile times of the month.
  • It takes 3–6 period cycles to learn your fertile times accurately.
  • You have to keep daily records.
  • NB Persona is a small computerised monitor with urine test sticks, which measure your hormone changes. It predicts the fertile and infertile times of your cycle. If used correctly it can be 94 per cent effective.

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